We Care!

For over 15 years, my associates and I have been on the road crisscrossing this Nation and giving seminars, workshops and meeting with small business owners and those aspiring to be entrepreneurs.  

They need help, and cannot do it all alone. The help we are talking about is not courage, creativity, hard work, or intelligence--they all have that with an abundance. It is the simple missing ingredient of having adequate capital to springboard to the next level.

Their stories continue to reverberate with us.  We have been brought to tears listening to the father laid off unceremoniously from a faltering industry and wondering whether there will be enough net profits to feed his family. We have listened intently to some of the most innovative ideas imaginable. And leaped silently for joy when someone comes to us years later and says: “Sue, you may not remember me, but you gave me my start with a loan years ago and now my businesses has grown to 15 employees. Thank you for believing in me.”

That is why we care in a real and tangible way for the myriad small business owners that come to us for help. Sure, it is a business for me and I expect to make a profit for my loans and advice. But it is more than a sterile bottom line. I’m thankful of being given the opportunity to make a difference in this economy: providing the financial impetus so small businesses can thrive.

After all, the small business owner is a testament to the core values that have made this Nation great, and will carry us forward into succeeding generations of proud Americans who are not looking for a handout, but simply the chance to succeed. WE CARE, because we want you to become the success you so eminently deserve.