Finally, Spring!  Welcome Spring, we are glad you have arrived!  

For the past several years it has been rough for all Americans, and this includes the small business owners.  Many of us have weathered the winter – it is time to spring forward! 

It has been a slow growth for small businesses, due to the lack of capital at reasonable rates. However, if we are really going to get small businesses back on track we have to do it!  We are the leaders, we come up with the most patents, we hire the most people, and pay the most taxes. And we will be the ones who lead our country!  

The time is now, and it is a new year so let’s get going.  If you have an idea that you have been thinking about for some time, start it now before someone else does. Take the plunge, who cares if you fail, at least you tried. I would much rather try something and know I tried it than sit around and saying “I wish I did, I wish I did.”

Here are some industries which many economists see as growth industries for the next couple of years.  This can be one of the businesses you start – A Certified Internet Security Company, A welding company, Healthcare,  to name a few. 

All of you who are in business you need to start thinking about exporting, 92% of the world market is outside of the United States, and this is a bright new market for you. You ask how to go about it; the US Department of Commerce is a great place to start .  They have offices located throughout the US.  Time to get started in either launching your business or expanding! 

Imagine --- Believe ---- Execute